- NPS has emerged as one of the most popularly used Customer Experience metrics for its simplicity and effectiveness in quantifying Customer Loyalty using a single question. Before moving to the steps to measuring NPS, let’s know a little bit about NPS and why it’s an important metric for you to start measuring. What is NPS®? Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is a Customer Feedback metric developed by Bain & Company. It is measured with a single question, ‘ How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? ‘ It is rated on a scale of 0-10 and is a measurement of the likelihood of ... [Read More]

- No one will ever fill Tony’s shoes, but we can certainly do our best to walk in them READ THIS NEXT Opinion: Cookies are on the way out, but you can still be master of your data destiny You simply can’t overstate the importance of Tony Hsieh’s contribution to business today.  He has tragically left us , but his contributions are more important than ever. (Editor's note: Hsieh died Nov. 27 at age 46 of injuries suffered during a house fire.) The Zappos founder and former CEO delivered not only shoes and “happiness,” but also a blueprint for winning with consumers in an age of ... [Read More]

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- Nico Bryan of Playvox discuss the importance of Voice of the Customer (VoC) and how they can drive value, if used to good effect. The foundation of a successful business relies on its customers. Simply coasting through without hearing feedback from them will most likely lead to misfortunes financially. Any business that suffers in that regard probably won’t be around for too long. Customer service feedback is important to any business. It helps build the company and improves customer loyalty - both of which will help keep the client invested in your services. However according to Hubspot ... [Read More]

- Using a Capability Maturity Model for remote support can provide valuable information both about what may be missing in your current level of adoption, but also introduce the concepts necessary to take it to the next level. You can access a detailed, comprehensive maturity model for remote support , or read on for some examples. In the current environment where safety is paramount, social distancing is the norm, and every expense is scrutinized, remote support has moved from a nice-to-have tool to a must-have solution across industries. To be sure, this is not a new concept. For years, ... [Read More]

- Awarding excellence in company culture. Early rate through December 4 2 Keys To Winning New Customers Ask them which factors they use to make their buying decision, then excel on the ones that matter most Whether it's on top of the world or back is against the wall, your company would be better off if it could win new customers -- especially ones that pay your invoices on time and communicate with you so you can serve them better over the long-run. The benefits of winning more loyal customers are profound. They include higher revenue and profitability which create more opportunities for your ... [Read More]

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- Research by Maintel has revealed that the energy and utilities sector is falling short when it comes to delivering on customer service. More than one third (35.4%) of people voted the industry the worst for customer service. However, it isn’t all bad news, with 15% of Brits reporting their experiences when calling energy and utilities companies as "enjoyable and painless". Maintel’s research, " ", looks to better understand people’s experiences with customer services and how this has changed during lockdown. While a general frustration with the customer service experience in all sectors ... [Read More]

- No one associated with a business is unaware of the importance of high customer satisfaction levels in reducing churn rate. As the customer touchpoints are increasing in today’s time, organizations are facing many challenges in connecting all dots and delivering flawless services to customers. Many companies are not yet ready to take on those challenges, as a result, they are losing loyal customers. Why does a company lose a customer? According to a report, 14% customers leave a company when they are dissatisfied with the services and 68% customers look for other options when they believe ... [Read More]

- Complete Guide to Understanding the Sales Funnel What is the sales funnel, and why is it important to your business? Creating the right type of sales funnel for your business can help to automate your marketing processes, scale your sales income and grow your business. This guide will introduce you to the concept of the sales funnel and help you apply it to your business. What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is the step-by-step process that a prospect follows to become your customer. It's called a funnel because the process begins with a large number of prospects at the top who are aware of ... [Read More]

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- Technology has been wonderful for B2B marketers: It's given them the ability to hyper-target with a degree of accuracy never before possible. But no matter how accurate your targeting may be, driving sales still depends on the effectiveness of the marketing message you deliver. All the technological bells and whistles in the world can't make up for a message that fails to resonate with its target on a personal and emotional level. To successfully drive revenue in today's highly competitive B2B environment, marketers must find ways to tie their brand-building and demand generation campaigns ... [Read More]

- Navigating a global pandemic wasn't in anyone's 2020 marketing plan. Because of coronavirus, it's been a struggle to find the right balance within the media mix, especially when budgets are shrinking . Brands that have remained successful are providing customers and prospects with personalized, immersive experiences. But how are these experiences being initiated? The three most important factors to multichannel campaign success are data accuracy, a sound understanding of audience needs, and branding, according to PFL's The State of Multichannel Marketing Report , based on a poll of 600 ... [Read More]