- In categories where frequency is high and competition is fierce, there are a few key steps to engaging your best customers to deliver an experience that can create durable brand loyalty and brand fidelity. Brand fidelity essentially translates to the strength of the brand bond with consumers. Here’s how to fix your brand loyalty and drive brand fidelity: Understand the customer . Use the most rigorous research approach you can to understand what tactics or benefits could cause customers to ... [Read More]

- The next generation of customer success platforms is launching now. Mike Redd, CMO of Quala , explains the evolution of these platforms and reveals how frontline intelligence offers a clearer insight into customers than ever before. How long have businesses been using customer success platforms? The first big player in the space for customer success platforms was Gainsight. They recognized that a company’s salesforce was an underutilized source of customer information. Before Gainsight, there ... [Read More]

- Think about the last time you contacted a company about an issue. Chances are good that you were asked repeatedly for the same information — either from an IVR, web chat, agent or other communication channel. Maybe you chatted online with an employee before calling for help. Or got transferred from one agent to another and had to tell your story all over again. It may seem trivial, but nearly half of customers who are asked to repeat themselves consider the experience “high effort.” ... [Read More]

- Every Black Friday, contact centres just get busier and busier, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of calming. This year Black Friday consumers are forecast to spend a record amount over the weekend period, £9.42bn, most of which will be through online channels. Hand-in-hand with this is the surging contact centre traffic. With the increased willingness to self-serve contact centres should capitalise on the public desire for convenience by preparing a comprehensive spectrum of coping ... [Read More]

- Customer feedback is the lifeblood of any company. There are no sales or revenue without customers. And there can be no corporate progress without feedback. You must understand how to successfully manage consumer feedback in order to improve your business plan. What could be done with client feedback? What’s more, why is it significant? Customer service can make or break brand recognition, engagement, and sales and revenue goals. Ensure An Optimal Record Receiving favourable customer feedback ... [Read More]

- Sales proposals are an essential part of the sales process. They communicate the specific value your product or service will bring to a customer based on their unique needs. B2B buyers have more information than ever at their fingertips, so sales proposals need to go above and beyond a prospect’s expectations to win them over. Proposals are one part of the many steps modern buyers take before making a purchase. Creating a winning sales proposal requires internal teams coming together to craft ... [Read More]

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- Today’s marketers are increasingly seeing customer experience (CX) fall under their umbrella of duties. So much so that that customer experience “has become the new marketing ... [because] it influences brand perceptions and impacts business performance just as strongly as tradition- al marketing.” Harvard Business Review got it right. CX programs are a new marketing approach that matches its predecessors — and its impact will only grow. However, many still confuse CX efforts with ... [Read More]

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- Many companies now train their brick-and-mortar retail store employees to respond to customer queries via voice and digital channels. It’s an interesting early trend. First, it addresses the pandemic-driven rise in digital-first consumers and the corresponding decline in retail foot traffic. At the same time, it balances the cost/benefit equation. Secondly, it combats current staffing shortages and the pressure on contact centres to attract and retain talent. Lastly, by sharing ownership of ... [Read More]

- How Can Your Organization Truly Be Customer-Centric? Consumers today are a tough bunch to keep loyal. Three-quarters make some change and about 40% switch brands, according to a McKinsey & Company study released in October. Older consumers often leave brands because of value and availability, while younger consumers consider value and purpose. That’s what makes becoming a true customer-centric brand maybe more important today than ever. The question is how to become customer-centric, how do ... [Read More]

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- TRENDING TODAY When it comes to building sustainable brands today, customer experience has become as important as messaging and media planning, writes the 4A’s Chick Foxgrover. Here’s what you need to do create and measure excellence in customer experience. Customer experience (CX) impacts many business-critical functions, from the ability to generate revenue and reducing costs, to mobilizing employees and fostering customer loyalty. As CX continues to offer advanced competitive advantages ... [Read More]

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