- The terms “customer-centric” and “customer-centricity” get thrown around a lot; oftentimes, it’s quite clear that they’re being used out of turn. I believe “customer-centric” is often confused with “customer focus,” and the two are very different. Let’s look at some definitions. Customer focus means that, well, a brand focuses on the customer. All brands will say they focus on the customer. They listen to the customer (surveys, surveys, surveys), but they don’t really ... [Read More]

- CallMiner share some examples of exit interview questions for contact centre agents. Employee departures can be tough to handle in the fast-paced environment of a call centre. However, even in agent turnover, opportunities to improve your organization’s efficiency and profitability abound. Exit interviews allow lost talent to tell you what went wrong and what aspects of your call centre’s operations could stand to be updated. Read on to learn a few powerful questions worth asking during ... [Read More]

- There is no shortage of important responsibilities for sales managers. From overseeing sales operations to ensure that the rest of the team is set up for success to evaluating and optimizing strategies to maximize results, the job of a sales leader is not to be taken lightly. But beyond all of the processes, goals, and outcomes that make a sales team successful, there is also something to be said about managers doing everything they can to support the team on a more personal level. Creating ... [Read More]

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- We present a set of key questions to consider when implementing speech analytics in the contact centre. Have You Got a Clear Goal for How to Use the Technology? If you bring in speech analytics because it is the new "shiny" thing, without creating clear aims for what it should be used for, it will not drive as much value. You don’t want to "retro-fit" the technology. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. This point is key when looking to ... [Read More]

- Managers need to understand how each of their sales team members is performing. This means getting to know details of their sales calls to identify best practices as well as challenges. But, with sales teams working remote, sitting next to your reps and listening in to their calls is no longer an option. Investing in a call recording system will enable you to access crucial data on your sales team by simply listening to their calls. Call recording will not only help you to know how your sales ... [Read More]

- How often have you heard the cliché of sales and marketing not getting along inside of an organization? Why does that happen? The answer is simple. Sales and marketing are like siblings. They need and love each other, but they get on each other’s nerves and are naturally quite competitive with one another. The relationship can be fostered to be big and beautiful, but like any relationship, it requires work. It starts with sharing a common language and ends with a unified vision. Sales ... [Read More]

- Without capturing customer feedback, a business will find it difficult to adapt to changing customer needs or be a truly customer-centric company. While that may seem pretty straightforward, there’s more to this concept than you might think. How do you know what your customers want or need if you don’t ask them? How do you adapt your company and offerings to better serve your customers if you aren’t capturing their voice? If you are building a business by guessing what your customers ... [Read More]

- The most basic, and often most common, voice of the customer (VOC) programs exist solely to measure customers’ impressions across touchpoints along the purchase process. When accompanied by a closed loop mechanism, these programs also serve as an insurance policy of sorts to keep a pulse on experience and mitigate potential disasters. Depending on where an organization is on the journey to CX maturity, its VOC program may consist of a single transactional survey, or it may be one of many ... [Read More]

- ProcedureFlow discuss how to maximise the value of your knowledge base. Although it’s often overlooked, internal knowledge bases play a huge role in overall customer satisfaction. Agents are often the first (and sometimes only) personal touchpoint a customer may have with your organization. This means that they are crucial in developing brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and positive word of mouth for your organization. It goes without saying that in order for an agent to do well in their ... [Read More]

- Customer journey analysis and optimization is among the top investment priorities for customer experience practitioners, according to the CMSWire State of Digital Customer Experience 2021 report. It trailed the top area: analytics, insights and dashboarding. Customer journey mapping combines a lot of those two investment areas. It is a discipline that involves interdepartmental collaboration, research, technology and customer data management. The goal? Determine how customers interact with ... [Read More]

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