- Nick Martin at NICE explore whether you have to choose between simulation and digital channel support. A customer service agent doesn’t simply go to work and pick up the phone in today’s digital world; he or she is just as likely to be chatting with a customer or two while responding to a social media post from someone else concurrently. It’s not just chat or social, either – many of the digital channels customers use to communicate with the businesses they do business with enable ... [Read More]

- 5 Ways to Reduce your Bounce Rate When it comes to your email marketing, measuring your bounce rate might seem like the be all and end all. But it's important to remember that marketing success varies from business to business, so you don't always need to sweat the small stuff. For example, a new start-up might find a bounce rate of 50% a massive success. Yet a well-established marketing agency might be disappointed with the same result. Whatever your metrics, there's no denying that bounce ... [Read More]

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- Collecting quality user feedback is challenging, but platforms like Pendo help solve this problem. Pendo is a product analysis app that allows users to easily submit comprehensive feedback that provides product teams with valuable insights. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new partnership with Pendo . As of today, Pendo customers will have the ability to collect G2 Reviews with strategically timed and targeted in-app prompts. About G2 Reviews + Pendo The G2 Reviews + Pendo ... [Read More]

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- At SAP Customer Experience, Nuno Pedro is the Head of SAP Commerce and Adrian Nash is the Head of Strategy. Both have a passion for helping customers produce real value and solve business challenges. “Technology alone does not solve industry challenges,” said Nash. “It’s having a solid strategy, people rallying behind the vision, and a method and plan which finally lead to how technology can help solve real business challenges.” Pedro’s advice is that, “Topdown ambitious goals ... [Read More]

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- Hilee Avrahami at KMS Lighthouse shares insights on how to improve customer experience through automation. What is Call Centre Automation? Call centre automation solutions have been around for decades. In the 1960s, PABX or private automated business exchanges used automatic call distributor (ACD) technology to manage large numbers of customer calls. The technology was advanced enough to automatically assign calls to agents based on an algorithm, not a human operator. Fast forward to today. ... [Read More]

- There are three domains of empathy: emotional, cognitive, and compassionate. Mastery of these domains is often shown in the positive feedback and loyalty shown to a brand. If you brand your company as empathetic, following through in actions will ensure that authenticity. Brands are continuing to understand the importance of empathy in business. Hybrid work settings are testing the company's empathy strength in its daily operations. Many overlook the deeper meaning of empathy. How it is applied ... [Read More]

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- Niki Lotte at Talkdesk shares insights on how to develop your customer experience strategy. As defined by Forrester, a customer experience (CX) strategy is “a plan that guides the activities and resource allocation required to deliver intended experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations in accordance with the goals of the organization.” To develop a CX strategy, it’s important to understand what is impeding your ability to succeed, as well as focus—both internally and ... [Read More]

- New Talkdesk Methodology Helps Organizations Pinpoint the Most Critical CX Strategies for Their Unique Business Needs Team of customer experience (CX) experts works in lockstep with businesses to define key performance indicators and to better understand the processes and pain points around their CX strategies Engagements are available on a complimentary basis in advance of contract signings to allow customers to make more informed decisions around their CX strategy View the latest on-demand ... [Read More]

- Every call center needs a script that its support team can follow to better interact with customers. This script gives them several chances in advance to master their communication and familiarize themselves with it. Following this, they are trained as to what cues to look for during a conversation with the customers. With multiple rounds of practice on, your agents will become confident and comfortable with the script, prepared to handle difficult clients tactfully. For all these reasons, the ... [Read More]

- Money and a Mandate Aren't Enough for Great Customer Experience “If you want to truly understand something, try to change it.” ― Kurt Lewin A decade ago, I worked with the CEO of a large telecommunications company. He was a strong proponent of converging the company’s multiple business lines into a single, common “face to the customer.” He advocated for leveraging the relationships held within each of the business lines to become the sole communications and in-home entertainment ... [Read More]

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