- The road to improved sales lies in increased conversions — on-page activity such as clicking a button to purchase a service or downloading a white paper. But conversion optimization rarely sparks marketers' interest. Although discussions of online customer behavior have increased over the years, conversion rate optimization wasn't always a priority, especially in B2B firms. The justification being that the customer journey didn't only occur online. Enter the global COVID-19 pandemic and the ... [Read More]

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- Long-lasting customer relationships are vital to growing any business. For SaaS businesses, where customers subscribe to a service for a monthly or annual fee, retaining customers takes more than just timely payment reminders and closing support tickets. It needs continual and meaningful engagement with the customers. That's why customer success is a crucial function in SaaS. And the best way to make decisions to keep your customers happy is to trust the data. This article will cover some ... [Read More]

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- First Contact Resolution (FCR) is a metric on the rise. It's at the top of the agenda for many managers. Jennifer Waite at Playvox explores three ways AI improves your contact centre. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a phrase that has been thrown about quite a lot the past few years. So many industries and solution providers have used it so frequently that it seems to have a multitude of meanings. In the context of the contact centre, artificial intelligence is a set of technologies that ... [Read More]

- By Scott Davis, Aptum Positive customer experience (CX) is a critical element to a company’s success. The holistic perception of a brand plays a key role in attracting and retaining customers. Regardless of the industry, company’s history, or strength of relationships, there is always room for businesses to enhance their customer experience program. Defining CX The first step to ensuring customers have a favorable experience with your business is understanding all of the elements in the ... [Read More]

- When you insert cold calling into lead generation campaigns, all the cold calls are warm calls, making prospecting easier. The hot topic in sales recently is that cold calling is DEAD. The lead generation landscape has changed. Publish good campaign content and people will flock to you. Engage on social media to begin prospecting conversations. Don’t bother with calling. Nobody picks up their phone anyway. But I disagree – emphatically. Cold calling is not DEAD. What’s dead is how you ... [Read More]

- Implementers can enhance customer experiences in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. After a year since the pandemic's beginning, digital transformation (DX) strategies continue to appear near the top of organizations' priority lists, with 92% of PTC’s State of Industrial Digital Transformation manufacturing respondents at various stages of their respective digital journeys. Even with some having yet to implement DX into a production environment, it’s on their radar. The pandemic didn’t ... [Read More]

- Does Your Business Have a Customer Support Bill of Rights? Everyone has had experiences of long hold times, incorrect answers or other frustrations when contacting call centers/tech support. Some companies have tried to address these issues by offering to have agents call back when one becomes available, improving training and offering improved self-help capabilities. Yet even with these advancements, customer complaints with call center/tech support interactions is still common. According to a ... [Read More]

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- A customer journey begins with the very first interaction a customer has with your organization and ends when that customer stops doing business with you. An omnichannel customer journey incorporates multiple channels and involves interacting with and engaging customers on their preferred channels, creating a seamless, end-to-end customer journey regardless of the combination of touchpoints and interactions a customer uses to engage with your business. Gaining an understanding of the ... [Read More]

- Customer relationship management (CRM) is a crucial component of any successful enterprise. In today’s industry, more firms are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and improve their CRM processes even further. Chatbots and AI-enabled communication, for example, have made round-the-clock conversations and customer service a reality. What is Customer Service Automation? Customer support automation (automated customer service) is a purpose-built procedure that tries to reduce or ... [Read More]

- Our panel of experts share several areas in which call centre automation can be applied in the hope of simplifying the customer and employee experience. 1. Forecasting and Scheduling A fundamental rule for contact centre forecasting is to experiment with different models. Using old contact volume data and testing each model’s forecast performance versus actual performance, call centres can determine which model is best suited to its environment. Of course, while one model may seem to work ... [Read More]