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Services Offered

Service Solutions

Every business is different.  LEC has a different solution for every business.

The flexible architecture of virtual customer service allows our partners to integrate their headquarters, remote offices, and outsourced locations without revisiting their own infrastructure.  Even better, the flexibility inherent in a virtual approach makes its way to customized pricing and our partners’ own unique business needs and goals.  Our agents operate seamlessly as one team and enable customers to access talent outside your geography, eliminate overtime costs, and reduce overhead.

Whatever the size, specialization, or complexity of your business, your customer-facing interactions can now be as robust and ambitious as your business goals.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Inbound Calls

Help Desk Support

SMS Support

Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT)

Customer Service Chat (CSC)

Outbound Calls

Back Office Support

In-App Support

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Customer Care

Social Media Support

Email Support

Knowledge Base Support

Become Our Partner

There are numerous benefits to partnering with us, but the quick and dirty of it is this:

We enable you to go do what you do best, while we brilliantly take care of the rest.

  • External Creative Solution Capacity
  • Unbridled growth without bottlenecks
  • Transform fixed into variable costs
  • External Industry Expertise
  • Cost Efficient Skilled Work Power
  • Human Capital Freedom and Flexibility
  • Entrepreneurial Speed & Agility

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