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New Customers Gained Per Day
Happy Customers Retained
Remote Agents Live Across 38 States

Delivering Innovative Services and Solutions

LEC’s 100% U.S. Talent Model

Exclusively tapping into top-tier talent across the United States, LEC delivers unparalleled support to its clients

Reimagine Your Business With A Partner Who Is Truly Different

100% Secure

LEC’s takes security very seriously. Being technologically compliant, along with a fully redundant environment, allows us to meet the Five 9 criteria for our clients and employees.

Aggressive Scalability

LEC’s Virtual model creates a one of a kind opportunity for clients to scale quickly while simultaneously improving talent quality, performance delivery  and overall times to competency.

Extreme Flexibility

LEC is built to partner with companies ON-THE-GROW and that means remaining open to the possibility of new and different ways to help you evolve by creating a model that is super flexible for your business needs and the needs of your customers.

Reliable Sustainability

LEC’s virtual model provides our customers increased economies of scale in people, processes and performance for our partners provisioning long term retention and growth in all areas.

Leading-Edge Remote Talent

Lock in customized top talent that is sourced, scored, and onboarded to exactly match your project’s specific Performance DNA needs.

  • Fully Tailored Agent Personas
  • Unrestricted global recruitment geoFootprint
  • Lightning fast ramp times
  • Reduced times to competency
  • Improved longevity and expertise
  • Exemplary customer experiences

LEC Virtual Talent is Superior

There’s an incredible amount of great talent outside the walls of a traditional contact center. Since we are geographically unbound to a particular local area, LEC can identify pools of talent that best fit your business needs. LEC virtual agents are sourced nationwide for the best skills, experience and knowledge applicable to each project. With LEC virtual agents, the customer acquisition and experience model has been transformed, and the door opened, where small businesses can gain high caliber support with the scalability and flexibility to meet current and future business trends. Highly talented agents equal happier customers, for real!

Leading-Edge Remote Techniques

Tap into the industry leader in remote call center best practices in recruiting, onboarding, training, technology and performance.

  • Native remote new hire training
  • Customized CX and sales team building
  • Brandslaughter prevention programs
  • Data driven thought leadership
  • Best in class remote management execution
  • Advanced business scaling capabilities

LEC Long-Term Partnerships are Superior

Our commitment to helping our clients, who we call partners, achieve their goals is our core mission. Our unique blend of experience allows LEC to offer custom solutions that are tailored to each of our partners individual needs. Every program is strategically designed to help you achieve your business goals and track your progress.

Leading-Edge Remote Technology

Leverage the industry’s top technologies in CRM, ERP, PBX, LMS, remote work environments, and more!

  • Outbound & Inbound OmniChannel capabilites
  • Tailored workflows
  • Easy API connectivity
  • Reduced licensing costs
  • Customized reporting and dashboards
  • Advanced security & compliance

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Clients & Employees Love Working With LEC

Sales Agent

I have worked with LEC for a year now on 2 different campaigns. The leads and supervisors make me feel very supported and heard. I was well trained and given the tools I needed to be productive.

(Current Employee)



This is by far, the best job I’ve ever had! I’ve never been a part of such a warm & friendly work environment & working from home allows me the personal safety I was seeking post-covid. The training was very straight forward, to the point & no time was wasted learning unnecessary information. This company really strives for excellence while being patient & understanding with the employees & THAT is why I don’t see myself working anywhere else anytime soon!”

Customer Service Representative - Customer Service Representative

Work From Home


I enjoy working for LEC. I have been working for LEC for a year. I enjoy the working remote. It has been very convenient with children. I also enjoy the people I work with my supervisor, my team leads, and my team. I can actually say I love my job!

Customer Service Representative - Current Employee


Gaela Kelley

Best company I have worked for by far, Treated like family rather than just a number which says a lot. They believe in promoting within and moving you into leadership positions, continuous learning and growth with this company. Always room for advancement and they helped me achieve that along the way. I have been with this company for over a year and no plans on leaving. LEC has truly has been a blessing to me and my family. I am most certainly grateful for this opportunity.

Sophia Gardiner

I’ve been with LEC since Feb 2022, and honestly love my job. The growth that I’ve witnessed here is astounding, and I quickly found advancement in my own career with LEC. The management and leadership here is very supportive and caring. I recommend employment with LEC to all of my family, friends and anyone who is interested in a customer service position, working from home!

Phoebe Rust

I have worked a lot of places, and I can honestly say the management team here at LEC has been easy peasy to get along with. That’s hard to find! I enjoy my job, I love my team, and working remotely is awesome. I highly recommend working here!

Jennifer Drake

I absolutely love working for this company. It’s awesome to work for people that stand for and believe in the same principles that I do. They are all about getting the job done the RIGHT way! !! I thought my previous job was my favorite job, however, this job and the people I work for most definitely take the number 1spot, hands down!

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