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At Leading Edge Connections (LEC), our journey began in 2018 when Jon Juliano and Eric Sims, with over 15 years of experience in traditional BPO environments, recognized significant shortcomings in talent, techniques, and technology within the industry. Fueled by this realization, they conceptualized LEC as a solution—a fully remote, talent-driven platform where individuals could unleash their skills from anywhere.

At its core, LEC represents an innovative ecosystem that revolutionizes the way clients receive support. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and modern techniques, we deliver superior solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our vision extends beyond just providing exceptional service; we aim to democratize outsourcing for companies of all sizes and shapes.

With LEC, we challenge the conventional notions of ‘onshore,’ ‘nearshore,’ or ‘offshore’ outsourcing. Instead, we offer a seamless experience that transcends geographical boundaries, eliminating the repetitive failures of the past. Our approach marks the next evolutionary step in outsourcing, paving the way for a future where excellence knows no borders.

Our Competitive Advantages

This is how we stay on the Leading Edge of What’s Possible

Why Our Team Rocks

LEC’s team members are the cream of the crop in Customer Experience across the US. Handpicked for their unparalleled skills and innate talent, our experts excel in delivering top-tier service. With a blend of experience and performance DNA, they consistently exceed expectations, ensuring every interaction is nothing short of exceptional.

We are Passionate & Progressive Leaders.

Leading Edge Connections, LLC. is a specialty provider of outsourced business transformation solutions for a number of emerging industries and companies on-the-GROW. We provide a full range of Sales, Customer Experience, Back Office and Technology Transformation solution services in a 24/7 VIRTUAL environment. Our core services position businesses to experience the ultimate in transformation for growth and sustainability.

Our Values


We believe it as a matter of Surviving and Thriving. We invite trust, revealing we have nothing to hide by being authentic, proactive, accurate, honest, and prepared.


We believe we are an extension of our teammates, partners and customers by listening more, being present, asking great questions, and imagining others’ perspectives.


We believe it to be a powerful tool that positions everyone to accomplish shared goals through motivation, communication, diversity, support and problem solving.


We believe in possibility, and that in every moment there is a situation or condition for favorable attainment of a goal.


We believe the status quos and comfort zones to be offensive! It’s at the very forefront of our capacity that we can experience all that is possible.

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