In today’s world, innovation is the key to growing your company. The “norm” is no longer acceptable as savvy consumers are always on the look out for the next best thing. Think about any leading brand in an “old” industry such as Netflix, Tesla, and Google. It’s easy to see that they’ve been breaking the rules since the beginning. And breaking the rules isn’t just for large corporations. Small to mid level businesses are using this model of innovation across all industries, including contact centers, to succeed.


The contact center industry has long been in need of innovation. Even the terms call center and contact center are often used in a negative manner. It’s easy to visualize a large room with no windows, stuffed with unhappy agents who are providing poor customer service at best. Unfortunately, this can still be found in some traditional contact centers. The main goal for them is not your customers, but cutting costs. They hire unqualified candidates and don’t invest in training them properly. These conditions are what caused Leading Edge Connections to break all of the old rules and redefine the contact center industry.


Contact centers can be a great asset to any company. They connect you with your customers across many different communication channels resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Upholding your brand standards requires highly trained and motivated agents, sophisticated software, and no cutting corners. As a leading provider of contact center solutions, Leading Edge Connections offers you all of that and more.


They’ve turned the contact center industry upside down with a virtual business model that has eliminated the need for grimy office space with huge overhead costs. As such, agents are able to work remotely and have a higher rate of job satisfaction. Plus the top candidates can be hired regardless of their physical location. Leading Edge Connections not only hires the most talented agents, they also invest heavily in getting them the right training. There’s no cutting of costs here when it comes to developing their team. Leading Edge Connection agents are able to provide an unparalleled level of customer service to your customer base while driving your brand initiatives.

Leading Edge Connections has literally broken down the walls of the contact center industry and they aren’t stopping there. Contact them today to see how partnering can grow your business.