More people are working from the comfort of their own home than ever. For many this will become a permanent change. As different industries and organizations realize that having a remote workforce is possible and productive numerous people will never go back to the ‘old way’ of working. As exciting as that is there are differences in working from home. There are numerous benefits but there are pitfalls too. Leading Edge Connections was born as a 100% remote company. We were designed for work at home so we understand the numerous challenges and advantages of the structure. One thing we recognized early on was the need for our team members to be aware of the need to stay healthy and active while working at home. Many people fall into the rut of spending more hours behind the computer and on the couch than they did previously when working in an office. We developed 8 tips for keeping a healthy work at home routine and wanted to share them with everyone.

Here are the LEC 7 Tips for a healthy work at home lifestyle!

1. Healthy Eating

I think we all know that eating healthy is important, but can also be a challenge. One of the keys here is selecting an eating methodology. Some people go with KETO. Others are Vegan or Vegetarian. If you are like me it’s more of a traditional “diet” but that means being consciously aware of caloric intake levels while balancing carbs, fats and proteins. The first step is planning and paying attention. For those of us who are on the workaholic side we need the planning portion badly because we will end up going most the day without eating and then binge eat or make poor eating choices due to being too hungry. Planning ahead allows for optimal eating patterns and percentages. Food is fuel so use it that way. Think of yourself as a finely tuned, high performance sports car. You can’t use garbage as fuel or it won’t run efficiently.

The good news is that we live in a time where nutritional information and support is at an all time high. You can google recipes, hire online nutritionist, or just order food delivery to meet you set requirements! That’s awesome!

What are 3 things you can do this week to improve your eating habits?

2. Healthy Sleeping

Sleep is good! Sleep is your best friend. Studies show that sleep impacts our overall health as much, if not more, than food and exercise, yet most of us don’t treat it that way. We don’t adequately rest and this wreaks havoc on our mental capabilities and overall health. We over caffeinate, unnecessarily medicate, under rest, binge watch Netflix, and then only sleep when we totally crash.

We suggest you set a normal bed time. Make sure you are getting six plus hours of solid sleep. Studies show that sleeping on a normal routine improves mental functions, increase metabolism and recovery, and can assist people in living longer. That’s good! Live longer!

What are 2 things you can change to give yourself enough adequate sleep?

3. Healthy Breaks

For a ton of people coming from traditional corporate America taking breaks has always been frowned on. We have been conditioned to either not take them or hurry through them. At LEC we feel the opposite. Breaks are mandatory. We want people to take those timeouts to regroup, catch your breath, mediate, grab a bite to eat, stretch, or just get up and walk around.

Think of it this way. Have you ever seen any sports game/tournament where the players never took a break or timeout? Heck no! They understand the need and benefit of pressing pause. It can mean the difference between success and total exhaustion. The same goes for everyone in the business world. Hit pause! Grab some water or go for a walk. Laugh a bit or text a friend. There’s a big world out there and don’t forget that!

What are 3 different things I can do on my breaks this week that will assist in my wellbeing?

4. Healthy Exercise

You may read this and think “Oh hell no! I do NOT do the workout or gym thing!”. That’s ok. What we are suggesting here is exercise. That means you could do Yoga, walk, run, play a sport, or actually workout with weights. The key here is that exercise is extremely beneficial for your overall health.

Extensive studies show that having a regular exercise routine improves bone density, helps prevent back issues, increases your metabolism, improves mental wellbeing, and reduces heart disease. If you want to be Hulk Hogan great, but if you would rather just be a healthy ‘you’, even better. One major key here is to plan this out. Schedule it! If you make an appointment to workout it will happen. One trick a number of people at LEC have adopted is taking our 30 minute to 1 hour workout routines and breaking them up into 10-15 minutes mini-segments that we do on our breaks throughout the day at home. It keeps that blood flowing all day and enables a high caloric burn most of the day. Just a thought! Let’s get pumped not plumped.

What are 3 new exercises I can do and when will I do them?

5. Healthy Fresh Air

No matter the weather conditions getting outside is a must. A HUGE mistake a good portion of work at home people make is not getting outside enough. We need fresh air, sunlight, and all that good stuff that mother nature brings us. Get out and walk barefoot in the grass. Take a walk on your break, that’s exercise and outside (two for one).

Studies show that people who get regular sunlight and get in touch with nature have less stress and live longer. Just go outside and feel the wind, snow, sun, rain or whatever. When we were kids we couldn’t wait to go outside. Embrace that inner kiddo in you and play a bit.

What are two new things I can do outside throughout the week?

6. Healthy Social Interaction

I totally get we have the social distancing thing going on right now and social interaction has been challenged more than ever. That said, it’s a core human need that we all require. Find ways to interact socially. Do you have friends you can do Zoom happy hours with? Are their neighbors I can do a socially distanced walk with?

The danger in not interacting socially are numerous. Isolation is not our friend. It can cause depression and anxiety. There are online support groups, online hangouts, and numerous other social avenues to leverage here. Social media can be a huge asset for stuff like this when we use it to communicate and connect. Marco Polo, Zoom, Facebook groups and facetime are great applications for communication.  The key is communication though. Not just random posting or scrolling. That’s not really social.

If you live with a family you can get some of this social interaction from them. Take real time to connect with your spouse, life partner, parents, kids, pets, etc. You would be amazed at how much better you feel taking an hour to play Barbies, do a puzzle, throw a football, or go on some version of a date.

Who are 3 people I can connect with and communicate with this week?

7. A Healthy Vision

Many people start the year of each year with goals and vision boards. That’s awesome but there is never a bad time to put this together. Having a clear vision of who you are and what you want establishes a clear mental framework to operate within. It motivated us to move and protects us from poor decisions. If you don’t have a vision board in your home office I highly recommend you build one!

For me it was crucial to have all the areas of my life represented with a vision of something I really wanted. I always recommend building this in a way that creates amazing emotional responses when you see it, not one that causes stress or frustration. Good vibes only!! Studies show that people with a clear vision of what they want are 92% more likely to take the massive action needed to get those visions realized. Dream big, work big and achieve big!

What do I want to have on my vision board?

In conclusion working at home can be a blessing or a curse. It’s like most things in life. It’s all about how we handle it. Taking these 7 tips to heart and driving yourself toward a healthy at-home lifestyle insures you make the most out of what you have and that’s all anyone could ask you to do. As I mentioned earlier in this article, Leading Edge Connections has been work-at-home since day one. We have made the mistakes, experienced the learning curve and fully understand what it takes to perform with excellence in the environment.

There’s no place like home!