Tradition or traditionally. Now those are two words that should raise the eyebrows of anyone looking to innovate or evolve. We have all been in those meetings. You know the ones! Where the leadership and the team have their little picketing signs and march around chanting “this is the way we’ve always done it. This is the way we do it!”. It’s the death-rattle of any Sales or CX department. I can promise you with that chant follows a beautiful casket and burial site for your business.

Another often seen, and heard cry is the one made by the infant, the baby company ON-THE-GROW, who is screaming to be fed revenue. Everyone thinks a baby is cute. It has all this potential and opportunity ahead of it. BUT… a baby has no idea how to take care of or feed itself. If babies were forced to feed themselves they would starve and die. Think of all that potential lost. All those opportunities wasted. Infant companies who don’t have an existing Sales Team or a successful model often cry out in hunger but refuse to accept an external source of nourishment. Healthy babies rely external food sources and look forward to that external supply to grow and transform their life. New companies are no different.

Truth be told, outsourcing a sales team may be the single most efficient, effective and transformative ways to increase revenue for an organization. Today remote sales teams can integrate seamlessly, and sales technology has become both more powerful and agile than ever. Progressive business leaders are beginning to open their eyes to the advantages of outsourced sales transformation.

What is “Outsourced Sales Transformation”?


I’m so glad you asked! Outsourcing a B2B sales transformation team involves hiring an expert third-party sales partner to create the overall sales strategy, hire and build the sales team, launch the sales tools, remain agile along the way that ultimately drives company transformation through aggressive revenue. These outsourced sales teams should function as a seamless extension of your business, but will bring new and evolutionary approaches with them. Strategically outsourcing a sales transformation team is becoming the gold standard, and when executed correctly, it can drastically increase both your revenue and lower you costs to improve margins.

8 Advantages Of An Outsourced Sales Transformation Team


Let’s face the fact, Sales are to businesses as water is to humans. Your business has a sales quota it needs to meet or exceed, and when talking about valuation, sales account for over half of company value. Let that one sink in for a second. So if you are looking for a place to invest in your company pick the one that gets you a return. The sales department.

1. Day One Sales and Marketing Infrastructure

It takes an average of three to nine months to get a new sales rep up to speed and producing revenue. That’s the estimate if your sales software, tools, and systems are already in place. Since the average salesperson stays in a position for two and a half years, hiring and training sales reps turns into a regular obligation. Sales outsourcing can bring results faster and sustain those results for the long-term. During their first 6 months with their outsourced sales transformation team, a leading media platform saw an 65% increase in weekly revenue, and it’s still growing.

Sales solution providers have expertise in all sections of the sales process and are masters of funnel management. They have professionals who run and manage leading-edge digital sales and marketing tools every day. This means you spend less time and money figuring out what works (and what doesn’t). Your team is free to focus on growing accounts and scaling your business.

Outsourcing eliminates the time and expense of recruiting and hiring an in-house sales team. A dedicated outsourced B2B sales provider mitigates the impact of sales rep turnover with their in-house recruitment team and onboarding program. One could argue that outsourced sales transformation actually transforms your Recruitment team and HR department.

2. Vast New or Underserved Markets Targeting

Having enough salespeople to cover the total addressable market (TAM) is a common problem for companies regardless of size. Outsourced sales partners can provision a team of B2B Sales experts at a lower cost than if you were to hire them in-house. This calculation is taking into consideration the cost of: tools and infrastructure, hiring and training, management overhead, spiffs and bonuses, insurance and benefits. More importantly, companies can leverage an outsourced sales team to test new markets before rolling the strategy out to the entire, larger team, saving even more money.

Some outsourced companies, like mine, use an industry verticalization approach to selling. Each rep focuses their energy and expertise on one market, allowing for quick scalability. Verticalization creates an agile salesforce with intimate knowledge of their target industry. Time to competencies are shortened and conversion quickly excels with a team focused on expertise. Think narrow and deep vs broad and shallow.

3. The Ultimate in Sales Process Control

Historically executives resist outsourcing because it can seem like a loss of control, or it’s a blow to their ego accepting external help because it seems like they are failing. However, the reality is often the exact opposite.

Adequately controlling the sales process and achieving target conversion ratios requires a team of Sales Experts collaborating and constantly optimizing, improving, and refining the sales process. This is called…..Transformation.

This includes:

  • Locating and recruiting the top talent
  • Progressively constructing compensation packages and SPIFs
  • Building and delivering effective leading-edge sales training
  • Monitoring sales metrics and KPIs that actually drive results
  • Providing the sales team appropriate support, coaching and leadership
  • Continually refining and evolving the sales process for maximum results

By engaging a specialized, outsourced sales management transformation team, you will effectively gain control of all of this.

4. Aligning the Universes of Sales and Marketing

Agencies that specialize in B2B sales and marketing services have done it all before. You gain access to a blended team of sales and marketing experts who have experience selling multiple solutions with diverse sales processes and sales cycles, in numerous verticals and industries. It’s a like acquiring 100 companies’ experience, and successes all at once. Think of the impacts.

As you probably know, having an outstanding in-house B2B sales team and top-notch marketing department doesn’t guarantee they will work together effectively. With outsourced sales and marketing, you inherit a team on the leading edge of marketing and sales methodology who have already worked together on successful projects and are experienced with the type of collaboration necessary to execute successful campaigns. They’ve had time to optimize their practices, so you don’t have to use your time to catch up. It’s the Plug N’ Play option most leaders are seeking!

5. Execute New Product/Service Roll-Out

Outsourced sales transformation teams can provide a solution for a new product launch or service roll-out, a periodic or temporary need that would overwhelm current staff or require additional hires to fully execute.

Having a professional team of experts already operating at peak efficiency and able to step in at any stage of development reduces the time you need to launch special or periodic campaigns. Again, the outsourced sales transformation team’s extensive experience in numerous industries assists in decision making, not wasting time on experiments that won’t work and executing successful sales campaigns real time.

6. Scalability and Overall Process Improvement

The benefits of outsourced sales and marketing transformation experts are most visible in two areas: scalability and process improvement. With greater control comes deeper process insight. The right team will gain a comprehensive understanding of your sales funnel and timeline. If your product isn’t meeting the needs of your target market, your outsourced sales team should pick up on it and relay the findings. This eliminates hours, weeks or even months of wasted sales and marketing efforts.

In the event this happens, both companies will revisit the TAM, SOM, SAM, ICP and buyer persona. It could mean a pivot in the sales presentation, or process, as well as modify the marketing collateral. Outsourced Sales Transformation experts have the best ideas on improving processes that yield increased efficiency after they’ve worked through the initial processes, prospects, and sales funnels. This leading-edge feedback from industry experts supports accelerated and sustainable growth.

7. Decreased Costs and Increased Profitability

Outsourcing Sales Transformation teams save you money, often dramatically. With an outsourced B2B sales team, you eliminate the need for additional office space, technology expenses, training costs, and an entire management layer. Expanding offices and hiring sales reps to grow your business is costly. The average B2B Sales person costs a company well over $10K just to bring on. That doesn’t even include the 9 months in ramp up. Once you’re up and running, operational inefficiencies like sales rep attrition or competency gaps will impact your bottom line. Instead, fill those new sales roles with proven sales experts with their own infrastructure and support.

An outsourced sales transformation team has their technology stack fully deployed and arrives thoroughly trained on all systems. Your business benefits from economies of scale and continually evolving processes. Working with an Outsourced Sales Transformation team can save you 68% of the overall cost of building and maintaining an in-house sales team.

8. Acquiring A Sales Culture

Outsourcing ensures access to top-notch, experienced professionals. In an increasingly competitive economy, outsourcing your sales team pugs you immediately into a more sales driven culture.

An outsourced sales transformation team can help you take advantage of every possible revenue stream, including up-sells and cross-sells where available. While your management team may initially focus on the cost savings of outsourcing, as you see results, the question quickly becomes, “how can we do more of this?”


A Scalable Sales Solution

An Outsourced Sales Transformation team takes care of all of these critical items because they’re solely focused on one thing: selling. Their goal is to increase sales velocity while materially reducing your cost of sale. Outsourcing Sales Transformation is more efficient, cost-effective, and provides more data than building an internal team. Finding the right outsourcing company is vital to your success.

The company you choose should evaluate your processes while providing recommendations on where and how to improve infrastructure, process, and workflows. With Outsourced Sales Transformation, you can generate new revenue, save on training and infrastructure, and free your employees to focus on perfecting the company’s product or service.