Let’s talk about the Power of Onshore Outsourcing! In today’s globalized business landscape, companies often face the decision of whether to outsource their contact center needs. While offshore and nearshore options may seem attractive due to cost savings, it is crucial to consider the broader impact on the job market, the economy, and the overall customer experience. This article explores the numerous benefits of choosing an onshore US-based outsourcer and highlights statistics that emphasize the positive outcomes associated with this decision.

1. Job Market Growth:

Outsourcing contact center operations onshore can have a significant positive impact on the job market, creating employment opportunities and fostering economic growth. By choosing a US-based outsourcer, companies contribute to the expansion of local employment. According to a study conducted by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), onshore contact center outsourcing can create up to five times more direct jobs compared to offshore outsourcing.

For example, a well-known  tech company based in the United States, outsources its customer service operations to an onshore US-based outsourcer. As a result, hundreds of new jobs are created in local communities, providing individuals with stable employment and contributing to the growth of the economy.

2. Economic Advantages:

Opting for an onshore outsourcer instead of offshore or nearshore alternatives can help strengthen the US economy in various ways. Keeping contact center operations within the country enables the retention of revenue and promotes domestic spending.

Statistics show that for every dollar spent on onshore outsourcing, up to $1.47 is generated in local economic activity. In contrast, offshore outsourcing only generates about $0.33 in local economic activity for every dollar spent. This stark difference highlights the economic benefits of choosing an onshore option.

For instance, a US-based manufacturing company, decided to outsource its customer support to an onshore US-based outsourcer. By doing so, they support local businesses and communities, as the revenue generated from outsourcing flows back into the US economy. This additional economic activity has a ripple effect, benefitting various sectors and contributing to a stronger overall economy.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience:

Outsourcing contact center operations onshore can have a direct positive impact on the customer experience. Onshore outsourcers provide several advantages that directly contribute to customer satisfaction, including cultural alignment, language proficiency, and proximity.

  • Cultural alignment: Onshore outsourcers possess a deep understanding of the local culture and can provide customer service that aligns with customers’ expectations, values, and preferences. This familiarity enables a more personalized and empathetic customer experience.
  • Language proficiency: Onshore outsourcers typically employ agents fluent in the local language, reducing language barriers and ensuring effective communication. This leads to clearer and more efficient customer interactions.
  • Proximity: By choosing an onshore outsourcer, companies can provide customers with support during their own time zones, resulting in quicker response times and increased availability. This level of proximity enhances the overall customer experience.

Another great example is a  15-year-old E-commerce retailer, decided to outsource its customer service to an onshore US-based outsourcer. Customers calling for assistance are greeted by agents who understand their cultural context and provide support in their native language. The efficiency and personalized service offered by the onshore outsourcer contribute to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Power of Onshore Outsourcing is real! When considering outsourcing contact center needs, companies should evaluate the long-term benefits of choosing an onshore US-based outsourcer. By doing so, businesses not only contribute to job market growth but also strengthen the economy by generating local economic activity. Additionally, onshore outsourcing enhances the customer experience through cultural alignment, language proficiency, and proximity. Making the conscious decision to prioritize onshore outsourcing provides a win-win situation, benefiting companies, customers, and the economy as a whole.